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Welcome to Beavercrest Community School
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Boards across Ontario are required to conduct anonymous school climate surveys of their students (Grades 4-12), parents, and school staff at least once every two years.  A safe, inclusive and accepting school environment is essential for student success and well-being. The data collected from these surveys helps to inform school and board planning aimed at preventing bullying and harassment.

Students and staff will be completing the survey electronically between April 20th and May 25th. Student participation is not mandatory, and if you do not wish your child to participate please notify us in writing.

We are asking you to complete a survey as well. The parent survey is available online between April 20th and May 25th and can be accessed through following the link:

The required Access Code for Beavercrest parents is 2-PBK-969-T.
Alternatively, you can request a paper copy of the survey.  

*** Please see for updates to the Elementary Teachers' labour action.

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