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Welcome to Beavercrest Community School
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Three no-bus days in November – a record? Seems possible! Thanks to everyone who maintained their positive attitudes through the storm and helped make sure that students and staff were safe despite the poor driving conditions.

November also gave us a moving Remembrance Day assembly put on by Mr. Elkins’ and Mr. Routenburg’s classes and some students from Mr. Smits’ class. The assembly honoured those who served in the wars while also reminding us how important it is to work for peace. Thanks for all your hard work, everybody.

In December, we’ll be trying to keep the focus on learning despite the excitement of winter weather and impending holidays. We will have outdoor recess in all but the bitterest cold, so please ensure that students are dressed for the weather, maybe with an extra set of socks/mittens on mucky days. It’s hard to pay attention to your classes when you’re sitting there in cold, wet clothes.


Brenda Brewer
Acting Principal

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